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3 Main Reasons Homeowners Improve Their Home: Renew, Rebuild or Resale Projects

3 Main Reasons Homeowners Improve Their Home: Renew, Rebuild or Resale Projects

We Create Connections Between Trusted Professionals and Homeowners To Reimage Their Home Improvement Projects

Monday, April 8, 2019

Jane White

Writer, Home Stager, Design Consultant

Contributor to IYH

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), the home improvement market in 2019 is expected to increase by 6.6% over last year.  If you are in the market to make some home changes, you will need to make some connections with local professionals. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a seasoned homeowner looking to make improvements in your home, it’s important to consider your main reason for starting a new project and how best to proceed.

There are usually many reasons why you decide to start a new home improvement project. Maybe you hate the carpet, you’re an empty nester, the bathroom’s too small, or you need a new garage door.  Whatever the reason, they fall into one of 3 main categories:

Renew, Rebuild, or Resale   

Renew Projects are let’s “update the look” or “we need to replace or enhance a space.”

Most home improvement projects fall within this category. Here are some examples to consider as you evaluate what needs “renewed” before launching your project.

The most common renew project comes in a can…painting!  A new coat of wall paint or stain can change the feel of a room, add a welcoming invitation at the entry door, or freshen baseboards and trim.  Trending wallpaper can also add excitement to a boring master or powder bathroom wall. Don’t forget the outside of the house. First impressions matter, so a new coat of exterior paint can make a statement about your home’s value.  Professional painters can create amazing results with a can and a brush. Head to your favorite paint store and pull color charts to explore the hues you envision to bring your room to life.

New window treatments, furnishings, and home accessories, and area rugs also fall in the renew category. Interior designers can help you pull together the look and feel of your desired space. Create your own inspiration board.  Clip ideas, photos, and inspirational pieces to share your vision. Determine what existing items you want to replace in keeping with the core components of your current space.

Basic kitchen and bath updates are high on many homeowner’s project lists. Replacing or resurfacing cabinet doors, appliances, fixtures, hardware, outdated plumbing, and/or a tired backsplash or bathroom tile can update the space without removing existing structures. A wide variety of options at various price points can meet home improvement budgets. Kitchen and bath designers, installers, painters, plumbers, and electricians are professional services often needed to plan and execute these renew projects

Look Up and Down.  Walls and Floors can set the tone for how you want your space to feel.  They can add warmth and unify a space. Replacing old worn carpet, refinishing hardwood floors, or installing new flooring tile can really update your home and influence the style of decorating that works best for the rest of your home. Walls offer plenty of choices too for updating. Paint, fabric wallpaper, tongue-and-groove chair-rails, or paneled can add visual interest, texture and, a beautiful background for your furnishings and artwork.   Collect samples that inspire and work with your style, then call on local professionals to help create your renewed spaces.

Lighting is another interior update that can change the mood and functionality of a room.  Let the light in. It’s free and natural. Wall lighting, a rooflight, glass blocks, frosted glass panels, larger windows and patio doors can brighten a dark space. Add an interesting chandelier to the entry or dining room.  Replace bathroom vanity lights and harsh recessed lighting with pendant task lighting. Exterior entry and landscape lighting updates add a welcoming invitation to your home. Lighting improvements are budget-friendly. Find a local electrician to install your new lighting and to set the mood.

Exterior renew projects can include everything from repainting, reroofing, replacing windows and doors, to adding new gutters, landscaping, resurfacing or cleaning existing walkways and driveways.  Maintaining the care and replacement of existing structures and surrounding areas are both yearly and long-term projects.  Some come with a high-cost, so plan accordingly.  Get referrals from friends and estimates from our local qualified professionals.

A new trend in renew projects is to enhance your home’s security and daily automated activities.  For example, smart-home technology (video doorbells, smart thermostats) and Alexa-enabled kitchen faucets, guided cooking and water conservation and water-monitoring systems to detect leaks, or burst pipes.

Rebuild Projects are usually more costly than Renew Projects because as the name implies you are creating an addition to or removing something from your existing home. One of the main reasons homeowners do a rebuild project is to improve the functionality of a space.  It may require moving interior or exterior walls, rewiring or adjusting water or heat/air supply lines or ducts.  Room additions to the home or the property (shed, pool house, guest house or garage) require added services. It’s like building a small home in some cases. Adding exterior features like hard and soft landscaping features or a new front/back porch are rebuilds that can add value to your home as well.  

For example, empty-nesters turn a small bedroom into a bathroom, master bedroom closet, or a craft room.  Busy moms want the laundry room moved out of the basement and to the upstairs. Dads want to turn the old garage into a “man cave/office” with a fireplace and to build a new detached garage.  The kids want a covered playroom off of the patio, mom likes this too, but she wants her kitchen gutted first! Guess who wins? Oh, and they all dream of turning the backyard into a “stay-vacation” with a pool, hot tub, fireplace, and outside kitchen surrounded by a newly landscaped area.  The family wants to stay in the house because of the good schools and they love the property. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Rebuild projects go beyond renewing.  With new spaces, comes renewal projects too.  Budgets drive decisions and timelines for the many projects on everyone’s wish list.  Prioritizing and planning with a professional designer, builder/contractor, and subcontractors are the first steps to reaching your home improvement goals.  

Resale projects are usually done to renew, and/or rebuild with a buyer in mind. Depending on the current state of your home, neighborhood price comparables, and your budget,  homeowner projects will vary. Here are a few upgrades to consider to increase your home’s value. Call on local professionals to assist with the preparation for the real estate market.

Budget-friendly Kitchen Hacks:

  • Clean, clean, and clean!! *  Declutter surfaces, organize spaces
  • Add new hardware *  Appliance facelift-change panels
  • Paint *  New Faucet
  • Update lighting fixtures *  Add a new area rug

Larger Budget:

Cabinet front refacing or replacement cabinet doors

Update appliances (stainless black is the new trend)

Budget-friendly Bathroom Hacks:

  • Replace the toilet seat Clean, sanitize then paint
  • Regrout tile, & replace broken tiles Replace dated lighting & hardware
  • Declutter the counter & cabinet storage New towels, rug, shower liner

Larger Budget:

Check out prefabricated tub/shower surrounds

Install a pedestal sink for a dated vanity

Install a new toilet if it’s a “low-boy”

Raise a low vanity to 36” height

Around the House Budget-Friendly Hacks:

  • Storage Areas: Make them functional for the intended space. Remove unnecessary items. Organize and install storage systems to fit your budget: pantry, garage, dens, bedrooms
  • Flooring:  Replace dirty, worn, color-challenged carpeting. Use a professional carpet cleaning company if they are in good shape. Tile floors can be steam cleaned.  Hardwood floors in poor condition should be professional cleaned and polished.
  • Declutter all surfaces, drawers, garages and attic spaces.  Buyers look everywhere. Clutter is a turn-off. Before your first open house, have a garage sale, donate items, or use a consignment store, or sell quality items online or at an in-home “tag-sale”. If you have lots of “stuff” that you are saving or storing for others, go together and get a storage unit.  Just think, you will already have it packed. Buyers will appreciate the open spaces you’ve created.
  • Mechanics: Beat the inspection, hire an electrician and plumber to check out and repair any faulty wiring or water problems. Pull out an old inspection report to see what needed to be done when you bought the house….it will give you insights to what the buyer may question.
  • Create curb appeal.  Hire a professional landscaper if your yard needs an update. Repair any walkways or driveway cracks. Replace the garage door, if its in bad shape.  A fresh coat of paint on doors or the house if the budget allows. Don’t forget the mailbox. Replace dated door handles and locks on the front entry door. It’s the buyers first “stop”
  • Hire a window washer; let your rooms shine. Use a professional power washer to clean mold or build-up dirt around the house.

Share with us:  Have you recently completed a Renew, Rebuild or Resale Project?

Share your photos and tips in the Comment section below.  

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